Prince of Wales Drive Bus Way.

The proposal to widen the Prince of Wales Drive from Woodroffe Avenue to Fisher Avenue has the potential of adding significant amounts of unwanted additional traffic to many areas in River Ward.

However, if we were to use the new lanes as dedicated bus lanes in the morning and afternoon commuting periods, we can instead divert many people who are using or are planning to use cars to bus transit. 

If you look at a map you will see that Fisher Avenue links up with Holland Avenue at Carling Avenue. Holland Avenue in turn leads directly to the Tunney's Pasture Transit station. Holland Avenue
also contains "bus-only" dedicated lanes.

Therefore, it is more cost effective and environmentally prudent to move people by articulated buses than by cars on roads in River Ward. 

An articulated bus can carry to 100 people, so if we move people from cars to buses, then one fully loaded articulated bus can remove up to 100 cars from the roads in River Ward.

Just 50 fully loaded articulated buses could  remove up to 5,000 cars in River Ward each day (per direction) if we would use the Prince of Wales Drive expansion for bus transit instead of car–based transit.

The following map shows the location of my proposed Prince of Wales Drive Busway:



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Last Update: October 22, 2014.